The blue colour of sapphire has been long connected to the idea that earth was positioned on a big sapphire and we all lived in the beautiful glow of it. I love this idea! But well, we know now things are a little different. But sapphire’s never lost their attraction and are still a very beloved gem today.Carat-960x400-960x400Kate Middleton Ever since Kate Middleton showed her engagement ring to the world and got the immense media attention, we can see young people taking an interest again in this magnificent gem.  And they make an excellent choice as it has a history related to love.  Symbol of faithfulness The gem still today is a symbol of love and harmony ( amongst other things) and of faithfulness and loyalty. But the origins of the engagement ring seems to date back to around 1215 when Pope Innocent III instructed couples to have a mandatory waiting period from engagement to marriage. It was believed that if the sapphire would change colour if worn by a dishonest and unfaithful person.  Diamond_Boutique_BlogSapphireReneePuente Later on it was also used to test the fidelity of the wives of crusaders! My imagination runs wild when I read something like this. But then again, times were surely different!   Sapphire is a big trend DiamondBoutique_BlogSapphire_ElizabethHurley After a long period of diamonds on engagement rings we now see younger generations pick out coloured gemstones to have something *different*. Kate Middleton might have started the trend, but it was picked up quickly by others and now famous women like Penelope Cruz, Renee Puente, Elizabeth Hurley and Heather Mills are all spotted to wear sapphire engagement rings.   Quality over size If you go for this beautiful gem then it’s nice to take a look at the different shades on the market. As always, quality should  rule over size. Pick the best colour and quality you can afford, even if this means that the stone is smaller than you wanted initially. Traditional design still is very much appreciated in traditional occasions like engagement and weddings are. Diamond_Boutique_BlogSapphireBeyonceVictoria_occasions More about sapphire:
  • Sapphire comes not only in blue. There are green ones, violet, transparent and pink ones. The most appreciated and most valuable colour is blue but there is the orange-pink one, called Padparadja, that is so extremely rare that it has become very valuable.
  • Sapphire is also birthstone of September.
  • Sapphire is very hard. It scores a 9 on the Mohs scale ( Diamond scores a 10 and is the hardest gem on earth)
  • Sapphire was once used in Greece to indicate Lapis Lazuli.
  • Sapphire is also connected to longevity and truth
Diamond_Boutique_BlogSapphireCelebritymix Check out Diamond Boutique's own beautiful collection of sapphire engagement rings right here sapphire-rings Esther Ligthart has developed a passion for jewellery whilst living in Italy. She ran her own jewellery store in Valenza Po, a town famous worldwide for its jewellery production. Later on she introduced Pianegonda onto the Benelux market. In the past years however she was a head buyer for an e-commerce jeweller. Worked with the largest jewellery wholesale company in the Netherlands and represented many Italian brands onto the Dutch and sometimes English market.  Now she translates her passion, enthusiasm and knowledge into her own jewellery blog: and is a guest blogger on Diamond Boutique!