Pearls have been a thing of the past, present and it looks as though they will have a continued presence in the future too! There are many ways to incorporate pearls into your wardrobe, the easiest being pearl earrings. Struggling for ideas on how to style your pearls? Read on for everyday, date night and wedding day looks. Pearl earrings are great for everyday, from work outfits to meeting the gals for brunch and even the odd interview! Every woman should own a gorgeous pair of pearl earrings, and if you were to buy only one pair – make it the everyday kind. pearl-stud-earrings We recommend these simple, elegant and oh-so-pretty stud earrings; they are absolute perfection for everyday wear. Featuring south sea pearls with remarkable shimmer and diamond accents that add just the right amount of sparkle. Affordable, versatile and gorgeous! Date night is all about adventure, thrill and romance. This calls for the “wow!” factor jewellery, the type that will captivate him but still make you the centre of all attention. Try mixing coloured gemstones with pearls, it’s the best of both worlds. pearl-topaz-earrings Our ideal date night earrings, feature a merge of lovely colours and textures. The gorgeous and subtle light blue hues of the topaz take us away to warm tropical waters. The freshwater pearls have an unmistakeable and enchanting sheen to them. Choosing the right wedding jewellery is an idaunting decision. The key to success is selecting jewellery that is in harmony with the theme, dress and bride. Pearl earrings are the way to go, they add elegance to most wedding dresses, it’s no wonder they have become an essential wedding accessory over time. pearl-diamond-earrings A delicate design inspired by the finer things in life, these cultured pearl earrings are the epitome of elegance – perfect for the big day! The stunning drop design combines the luxury and vitality of the precious earrings. The round brilliant diamonds add a graceful, divine note. Like a fairy-tale pearl jewellery will follow you from the average day, to date nights and all the way to the big wedding day!  So, what does this all mean? It means that pearl jewellery is definitely worth your investment. Start here!