Much like fashion, jewellery trends come and go with the seasons, and while it’s fun to splash out on the latest colourful gemstones, dazzling ear cuffs, and the designer charms and trinkets that grace the pages of luxurious lifestyle magazines, there are five investment pieces that every modern woman simply must have in her jewellery box. Stylish, sophisticated and easy to wear with every item in the wardrobe, investment pieces should take you from day to night with ease, complement every outfit, and make you feel fabulous every time you wear them. Jewellery box staples such as these may cost a little more than your everyday bling, but they never go out of style, they can be worn for years to come, and they make beautiful heirlooms for future generations, so they really are a great investment.

5 Pieces of Jewellery Every Woman Must Have

So, what are these jewellery box essentials and where does one start? Well, think timeless treasures. An investment piece of jewellery should be ageless, easy to wear, and coordinate effortlessly with other pieces in your jewellery collection. A great timepiece is a good place to start, but watches are not for everyone, and so you might want to splurge on our Top 5 Jewellery Investment Pieces instead:

Classic Gold Stud Earrings

The classic gold stud earring will take you anywhere, from a day at the office to a glamorous evening event, and so you should have at least one pair in your jewellery box. Plain white gold, yellow gold or rose gold stud earrings are extremely versatile, but if you love to sparkle, diamond studs or those with colourful gemstones such as yellow-green Peridot and bubble-gum pink sapphires will make a striking addition to your collection. diamond-earrings

A Pendant Necklace

Some outfits just need a necklace, and so they really are a jewellery box staple. You could go for a solid gold chain, but if you are looking for a versatile investment piece, a pendant necklace embellished with your favourite precious stones is a great place to start. You can remove the pendant for an understated daytime look, and add it for those dressy occasions. pendant-necklace

A Statement Cluster Ring

There’s no doubt about it, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, and if you like to dazzle with your inimitable sense of style, there’s no better way to do so than with a statement cluster ring or cocktail ring richly embellished with shimmering diamonds. cluster-ring

A Tennis Bracelet

Stylish, elegant, and designed to coordinate effortlessly with Boho-Chic fashions, glamorous evening attire, and even tailored workwear, tennis bracelets will add just a hint of femininity to your everyday ensemble. The perfect way to showcase slender arms and strapless fashions. tennis-bracelet

The Gold Band

The classic gold band offers endless styling options, so why wait until your wedding day? The ultimate investment piece for women who adore wearing understated jewellery, a yellow, white or rose gold band will take you anywhere. If you’re still looking for ‘The one’ you might want to avoid wearing it on your ring finger, but a diamond set band on your index finger or pinky will make a stunning style statement! gold-band