Over the weekend, we bid goodbye to winter and said hello to spring! To celebrate the return of the season of sunshine, we’re talking flowers, spring weddings and colour trends! Spring is… stylish! First up the tantalizing shade, Limpet Shell: a clear, clean and defined hue. Its best represents the crisp days and mindful tranquility of spring. If you’re a fan of this hue, you’ll love puschkinia flowers. These pale star-shaped buds, striped with deep blue make a stunning alternative to traditional spring flowers. spring-blue-topaz   If you’ve got the blues, you’re heading to the right season. From the sky to the sea, all shades of blue are super popular for weddings right now. Add these topaz & diamond drop earrings to your big day, for your something blue! Spring is… chic! Rose Quartz, this hue is a persuasive yet gentle tone like a serene sunset, a flushed cheek or a budding flower. Like this shade? We recommend adding beautiful cherry blossoms to your décor. This symbolic bud of spring features small pinkish-hued flowers, providing just the right touch of pink to any home. spring-pink-sapphire   Sophisticated and chic, rose tones pour a little sugar into your wedding décor - adding a modern expression to the wedding palette. These luxurious pink sapphire and diamond stud earrings will pair beautifully with a chic theme! Spring is… luminous! Buttercup, this wondrous tone transports us to a happier, sunnier place – just what we need! Amongst the calmer hues, this shade is a shining beacon! If this is your kind of shade, grab a daffodil bouquet. Symbolising rebirth and new beginnings, the daffodil is virtually synonymous with spring. spring-citrine   Pops of yellow will bring luminosity and a sense of dimension to your wedding theme, adding a sunny look. A citrine and diamond ring is a fun way to reflect your personality and mood on the big day! Spring is… refreshing! Moving on to the vibrant and lively shade Green Flash. This persistent colour influences spring goers to explore and escape the mundane days of winter. Similar to this shade, green roses represent growth and cheerfulness. We’ll be adding a fair share of green roses to our offices, you should too! spring-peridot   Spring-fresh green tones are a true delight and a favourite to fill bouquets with. Leave an undeniable print on the minds of your guests with a peridot and diamond ring added to your outfit! Spring is… genuine! Lastly, we can’t forget the weightless and airy colour of this season, Serenity. Like the expanse of the blue sky above us, this hue brings a calming effect. Add some calm to your décor with a blue hydrangea bouquet; the lavish petals symbolise gratefulness, understanding and sincerity. spring-aquamarine   With its real feel, classic blue tones add charm to any wedding style. A blend of blues will create a harmonious tune, pleasing to your guest’s eyes. Finish the harmony with an aquamarine and diamond pendant! It may not be summer, but spring is a good enough reason to be happy! Why not mark the return of spring with a new, vibrant piece of jewellery? Shop here xx