When it comes to giving gifts, they often say it’s the thought that counts. Unfortunately this is not completely true, because thoughts do not drown out the silence that fills a room after someone opens a gift that’s not quite right. We can all agree that we don’t want to be on the receiving end of said gift, and certainly not on the giving end either. Today our experts talk you through ideas for just about everyone you’ll need to buy a Christmas gift for. All our suggestions are split into different budgets so skip to the one that suits you and start shopping!

Budget: Up to £200

We can all agree that the stress of finding someone a gift is daunting enough, let alone having a budget to follow. But fret not! Even if you’re on a budget we’ve narrowed down the best pocket friendly gifts. Lets start off with the gift for someone who has everything. This can be your friend Rachel, your aunt Monica or your neighbour Phoebe, regardless of whoever it is, this person can be a challenge – because they seem to have everything! Or do they?  Remember one cannot have too many classic solitaire stud earrings - they are versatile, timeless and a dreamy gift. Gift giving aside, Christmas is also one of the best times in the year to propose. So if you’re planning to buy a gift for a perfect christmas proposal on a budget, we’ve got you covered too. Not all engagement rings need to break the bank, like our Australian Blue Sapphire Ring. 5 (3) As far as gift giving goes, the most difficult one to buy is the gift for that colleague that you don’t really know. You know how it goes, as soon as the Christmas lights are up in the town centre groups of friends, families and offices across the country draw a name for Secret Santa. It’s great if you pick someone you know, but it can also be a disaster if you get the one person who you don’t know very well. Don’t worry if you’re the latter, we’ve got the perfect little gift that anyone and everyone will love - our Pink CZ Silver Studs!

Budget: Up to £500

If you’ve skipped to this part of the blog you’re obviously looking for a gift for someone who is fairly important, this means gift hunting gets harder. Whether it’s for your friend, manager or a partner, with a £500 budget we’ve got what you need. We’ve discussed buying a gift for someone who has everything earlier in the blog and covered that they are fairly challenging to buy for. Challenging we said, not impossible. You can now impress that manager, yes the very one who decides on your promotion. We recommend our Akira Designer Ring, boasting a simple yet luxurious style it’s easy to fall in love with this ring. unnamed-1 If you’re looking buy a fancy gift for your partner this year, have you thought about taking the leap and buying a gift for the perfect christmas proposal instead? With a budget of £500 you can drop on one knee and declare your love and commitment with our stunning Starlight Amethyst Engagement Ring. Friends, they are one of the best things in life, they multiply the good vibes and divide the bad. Now that we’ve said that, we also need to mention that it is probably the most stressful thing to look for a gift for the friend that also has a birthday on christmas. The sentiment of the day is double, and so is the stress! Don’t worry this year though; our Solitaire Tanzanite Earrings will do the trick!

Budget: Up to £800

The freedom that comes with a £800 budget does not make buying the perfect gift easier. Whether it’s your picky sister, humble mother or girlfriend our experts have the gifts covered. Let’s start off with the gift for someone who has everything, in other words your sister. Sisters are always tricky to buy gifts for, if you’re sister is anything like ours she’s probably very sure on what she likes and what she doesn’t. But lucky for you we’ve mastered the skill on selecting just the right gift, our Vintage Diamond Drop Earrings. unnamed-2 Sisters aside, the next most difficult person to buy a gift for are mothers. Anything you give mummy will be shown off to the entire family, extended members included.  So really, you’re looking for a gift to impress the family. Look no further; we’ve got just the thing to earn you brownie points for 2017: our Designer Diamond Pendant.

Budget: Above £1000

Hints, shopping lists, looking through drawers and their web history is not going to help you find the perfect gift your partner actually wants. Leave that to us, running a jewellery shop means we know a thing or two about what gifts the lady in your life really wants. It’s our Clara Ring. This is the one ring that will bring delight to that someone special in your life, no wonder it’s our bestseller. clara ring copy This brings us to the end of this week's blog, it’s fair to stay that gift giving is a form of art. And just like any other form of art, some of us just aren’t good at it! But with our gift guide, this year you can be the one who gives the best gifts. Happy Shopping Folks! xx