Green. This colour carries such rich histories and symbolisms – we’ve put together an entire blog all about this beautiful hue! Over time we have seen many of shades of green, trends that have been set by major fashion icons and designers. The best part about the colour is that both men and women can indulge in its splendour. On every St. Patrick's Day, there is a sea of green. This began in the early 17th century as green had a lot of connections to Ireland and springtime. Green became a wildly popular hue in the 1960s, as shades of lime, leaf and chartreuse perfectly captured the sixties groove. At the end of 1980s, green once again inserted itself into fashion, with Calvin Klein featuring a multitude of green shades in their collections. Green is a colour many people consider hard to pull off, but as with any trend or look it’s all about finding the best fit for you. It doesn’t have to be an outfit; it could be an accessory or better a green gemstone! Green had always been associated with being retro, basic and cold until in 2013 when it made a comeback as the colour of the year. This striking jewel’s hue perfectly complements most skin tones, its bold colour is meant to ooze the beauty of the wearer. With so many gorgeous shades of green, you can just never go wrong!