We do love a good coloured gown at Diamond Boutique, but if you’re not ready for a dramatic colour, how about a little bit of blush? We’re not talking the NARS or MAC kind; we’re taking about the colour. Blush is an almost natural, feminine and bridal colour. This hue has become a staple wedding colour. If you’re a modern bride-to-be looking for a way to add a touch of blush to your big day, read on for our expert tips! Adding colour to your wedding can start with the most memorable part of any wedding, the bride’s dress. Moving away from the traditional option doesn’t have to be scary. Blush coloured wedding gowns are delicate, timeless and unique. There are styles of blush wedding dresses for every type of bride, you’re sure to find THE ONE. Just remember if you have warm undertones, pick a peach or yellow-based pink. If you have cool undertones, pick a pink that is grey or silver based. If you’re planning to opt for a blush coloured wedding dress, we recommend our gorgeous trillion cut Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Ring as the go to accessory. You can view it here. Every wedding needs an entourage, just like every movie needs supporting roles. Most entourages include bridesmaids, best men and flower girls – they set the scene for when the bride makes that all-important walk down the aisle. If a blush wedding dress is a bit too much for you, we recommended dressing your bridesmaids and flower girls in blush toned dresses. The pastel hue makes a flattering and feminine choice that goes well with any wedding venue! Opting to deck your entourage in a colourful shade? Don’t feel left out and grab yourself our fabulous Devi Pink Sapphire & Diamond Ring. View it here. Another way to embrace colour for your wedding is through the décor. The décor of your wedding sets the mood for your special guests. Blush pink is a tender colour that would make the perfect backdrop for your wedding! Combined with colours like gold, silver and white- blush makes for a romantic table setting, wedding favours and aisle decorations. Decided on bringing in the colour to your wedding through the décor? Great! Now you’ve got it all sorted, how about a gift for the bride-to-be. Click here to view our Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Ring. Going all out with a colourful décor is not for the faint hearted, and if you’re looking for a more subtle way to bring in colour to your wedding we have just the right advice. Start with the little details; remember they help paint the bigger picture. You could consider having a blush cake, a blush bouquet and much more. These little blush details will give your wedding a feeling of a fairy-tale with a happy ending. Planning to go with colour in the little details at your wedding? Here’s a ring to match: our Marquise Pink Sapphire Ring. Click here to view it. Celebrities are not falling behind with the blush bridal trend, with many familiar faces opting for ‘pink’ wedding dresses. Starting off with Reese Witherspoon who wore an elegant pale pink Monique Lhuillier dress. Anne Hathaway wore a custom pink ombré Valentino gown. Jessica Biel went for the unusual, dressing her bridal party in white while she adorned a bubbly pink dress by Giambattista Vall. Got the inspiration you needed from these blushing celebrity brides? How about a ring to match? View our blockbuster styled Mai Pink Sapphire & Ring here. We’re sure you agree too, that it really is all about that blush! Celebrate this iconic hue by indulging in our best selling pink ring. You can view our Arya Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Ring here.