So you’re ready to pop the question but aren’t sure how to go about planning it. You’ve heard it has to be something BIG, something she’ll never forget. It also has to be personal, romantic and just perfect. Wow, that’s a lot of pressure!! With that in mind here are 5 simple tips to help you when its time to say, “Will you marry me?” Think Traditional! It may be the 21st century but when it comes to proposals there are two traditions that have to be followed. There is something so romantic about a man dropping to one knee when proposing. Her girlfriends will specifically ask her whether you got down on a knee. Let her answer the right way. Even if you consider it an old tradition, do take the time to ask/tell her family or before you pop the question. They’ll be important helpers when planning! Include Family & Friends… We recommend you include your loved ones; you could make them apart of the proposal – holding up a personal message as you propose like in the picture above. The perfect element of surprise. If you'd like the proposal to be just the two of you, you could arrange to have your loved ones just out of view. After you pop the question wave everyone in for a big group hug and lots of congratulations. It's the best of both worlds! Music Matters… Take it from a girl, music matters. Do you have a song that is meaningful to the both of you? Or do you remember the first song you danced to? Having a sweet tune playing in the background is the epitome of romance. Here’s an expert tip: Slow dance. No matter where you are. No matter who’s around. Just gather her close, and lead her in a slow dance to last forever in her memory. Who Wore What? Every girl dreams of the perfect proposal – and so far you’ve got the traditions, your family & friends and also the music. Perfect? Not quite… memories are great. But pictures even better. Hire a photographer to capture that priceless shot when she realizes what's happening. It's a big trend now to invest in pro photography – these photos will last a lifetime and are way too important to risk. Just as important as photography are the clothes your girlfriend would prefer to be wearing when you propose. Believe it or not, girls do have a preference. Some of us want to be dressed to impress, while others are a comfortable jeans and a tee. This is just something to consider. Destination Proposal? Recently one of the most popular ways to get engaged: a destination proposal. There's something so fairytale like about being away together, in your little corner of the world. The six most popular spots are: Disneyland Florida, Venice, Taj Mahal, Santorini, Eiffel Tower and Colosseum. Remember the very nature of being on vacation makes even the simplest proposal spectacular! One last word. This is just as much your special moment as it is hers. If you feel your heart beat out of your chest, let it. If tears fall out of your eyes, embrace them. And lastly, we wish you all the very best!