wedding trends 2020


What to expect from a 2020 wedding!

With the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Instagram and influencers, having a completely Instagrammable wedding is set to be a must in 2020 - and that means the ring needs to be Instagram-worthy as well! No pressure!  As such, we’ve put together a quick list of what we think will be the top wedding trends, so you can see what to expect from the wedding scene in 2020 and beyond.  

Bright & Bold.

If there’s anything we know about photos, Instagram and social media, it’s that the trend is for bright colours and bold designs. And this will certainly be the case for wedding decor! Expect big, over-the-top photo opportunities, wedding cakes that are larger than life - and everything in-between!  

Craft & Bespoke.

As the world cares more and more about the environment and sustainability, we’d be surprised not to see more people going for a ‘green’ wedding. Which means locally sourced foods for the reception and meal, far more vegetarian and vegan options, and more trendy local craft beers and wines.  

The Importance of Video

It’s no secret that a wedding photographer has been a staple requirement of modern weddings for years. But what about a videographer? With the advancements in drone footage and 360 video, expect to see some really creative video ideas for couples that want to make it a unique, memorable occasion!  

Bespoke Wedding Ring Designs.

One wedding trend that really isn’t going anywhere is choosing a beautiful wedding ring. But that’s not to say that the styles and trends themselves don’t change with the seasons. There’s definitely some interesting styles on the way for 2020, with the rise in personal, unique, crafted wedding rings. Not only that, but diamonds are often making way for other striking gemstones, such as the verdant emerald.   In short, we're expecting a huge focus on aesthetics and social media 'shareable' weddings. However, we also expect that many people will opt for private, personal, bespoke weddings. To perhaps get away from the ever-pervasive nature of Social Media.