It may feel like you were just shopping for Christmas yesterday, but here’s another reason to shop – this time for your loved ones – Valentine’s Day! Now, a bouquet of roses or a box of chocolates may be appreciated for a while, but if you really want your sweetheart to swoon, it’s all about the jewellery. Remember, no two diamonds are the same similarly every woman has her own taste, so we’ve created a Valentine’s Day gift guide to help you find the perfect gift based on her personality. See below… Minimalist Madam: If like Audrey Hepburn, your sweetheart is someone who prefers the little details in life we recommend you go for pearls. Choose a pair of pearl earrings; they’re a timeless beauty with a modern, sophisticated feel. We have a lovely range of natural pearl earrings with starting price of £190. Edgy Lady: If your loved one is a bit of a diva, like Marilyn Monroe, the deep red hues of rubies will please her. A dazzling pair of ruby studs would be the perfect gift, boasting elegance and contemporary edge. Explore our beautiful range of natural ruby earrings with starting price of £275. Picky Princess: You say picky, but she says “high standard!” – your princess will be more than happy with gorgeous blue sapphire as a gift. Popularised by Kate Middleton, blue sapphire jewellery is associated with class elegance. Discover the perfect gift from our vibrant range of natural blue sapphire earrings with a starting price of £205. Motherly Figure: She’s the one lady who will love you forever, don’t forget your mother dearest this Valentine’s. Emeralds, beautiful and warm will delight your mother. Make her the envy of others - just like Angelina Jolie - with extravagant emerald earrings. Uncover the perfect gift from our range glamorous emerald earrings with a starting price of £275. Young Hearts: Young love has a thrill and sparkle, just like diamonds. Place the limelight on your dearest and make her the fashionable star like Emma Watson with luxurious diamonds earrings. Find the perfect gift from our timeless range of natural diamond earrings with a starting price of £245. We've done all the hard work for you, with our little cheat sheet – all you need to do is buy the gift, a romantic card and you’re covered! Oh and, if you’re struggling for ideas on what to do on Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank, stay tuned for our blog next week, we’ll be your idea bank x