Winter, it doesn’t officially start until December 21st, but the with the foggy mornings and sunsets at 4.26pm we’re feeling winter already! This cold and gloomy season isn’t our favourite but there sure are a couple of things about winter we do look forward to. Here are a few: Snow, it is both alluring and annoying. It sure is a pretty sight when it’s falling down and blanketing the streets. A tad bit annoying when we have to walk around in though. But there is nothing more magical than a ‘White Christmas’ and we can’t forget the delight when we don’t have to go work/school due to the snow! View the Diamond Necklace in the above image. Click here for more on diamonds. Fireplaces. At the end of a miserable and cold winter day, there is nothing like the radiating heat and light from the warm fireplace in your living room. The memories made chatting around the fireplace are the best of all, most treasurable. Going back home to the family, warmth and festive decorations is the best part of winter. View the Citrine Ring in the above image. Click here for more on citrine. Parties. Bonfire Night, Christmas Day, Christmas Eve and New Year – there are so many reasons to justify party going and shopping. Bought a pair of rather expensive heels? Don’t worry there’ll be many opportunities to wear them. Party season also means left over Christmas cookies, advent calendar chocolates and much more! View the Amethyst Earrings in the above image. Click here for more on amethyst. And there you have it, three of our favourite winter memories. We hope this list is enough motivation to get you through until March!