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  1. July Birthstone: The Ruby

    July Birthstone: The Ruby
    As the summer creeps forward and we enter the hopefully sunny month of July, there are many things to look forward to. And, for those born in this mid-summer month, a dazzlingly beautiful birthstone comes alongside the long sunny days: the ruby. Ruby Mythology The ruby gemstone, similar to so many precious gems, has a vast history and importance in...
  2. Diamond Pendants: A Perfect Gift

    Diamond Pendants: A Perfect Gift
    The use of pendants and necklaces dates back to around 40,000 B.C., so it’s certainly not something new to want a beautiful piece draped around your neck! The first bead necklaces, titled Adam and Eve jewellery, have come a long way. Now, precious stones are embedded into beautiful metals to create beautiful designs that are perfect as a thoughtful gift...
  3. Bespoke Engagement Rings

    Bespoke Engagement Rings
    Looking for something truly spectacular to pop the question with? Why not take a look at our collection of bespoke engagement rings? We know how important it is to get everything right when it comes to something as important as asking that special question. So,  building your ring from scratch with our Art Of Possible service might just be the...
  4. Ruby Wedding Rings

    Ruby Wedding Rings
    As the world moves further from the traditional, there really is no need to stick to the classic diamond wedding ring. Our collection of ruby wedding rings offers an opportunity to find something truly unique. Rubies being used in jewellery has a long history. From royalty to ancient warriors, many have used this gemstone for protection, peace and decoration. We...

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