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  • Jewellery Insights April 5, 2017
    Why the Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring has become the quintessential choice

    Engagement rings can be created in many different shapes and styles, and made from a choice of precious metals, with plenty of room for colour through a range of different stones. Despite the many different …

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  • Diamond Insights February 17, 2017
    How big is a 1ct diamond?

    Want to know how much you will get for your money when you buy a 1 carat diamond? Find out more here! As a carat is a unit of weight used specifically for diamonds and other gemstones, the size of a 1 …

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  • Lifestyle & Fashion January 13, 2017
    Winter Wedding

    Rich sumptuous colours, roaring log fires and hopefully a sprinkling of snow… winter weddings are magical, romantic and unique! Who wouldn’t want a winter wedding? If you’ve chosen a winter wedding …

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  • Lifestyle & Fashion November 23, 2016
    Christmas Gift Guide

    When it comes to giving gifts, they often say it’s the thought that counts. Unfortunately this is not completely true, because thoughts do not drown out the silence that fills a room after someone opens …

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