Cluster Rings

Cluster Rings

For a breath-taking and show-stopping declaration of love and affection, look no further than the cluster diamond rings here at Diamond Boutique.

In the past, a fancy cluster ring was typically worn at cocktail parties or as costume jewellery. Recent years have seen a resurgence in its use as an engagement ring, thanks in part to those worn by celebrities and dignitaries. Perhaps the most famous of these is the oval blue sapphire and diamond cluster ring once worn by Princess Diana and presented to Kate Middleton by HRH Prince William to mark their engagement in 2010.

With so many styles and gemstones to choose from, it won’t be hard to find the perfect cluster ring that is as individual as you are. However, we also offer a custom design service if you have something specific in mind.Read Less

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  1. Akira Diamond Cluster Wedding Band
    From £1,477.00
  2. Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring
    From £1,645.00
  3. Trio Black Diamond Ring
    From £1,264.00
  4. Cluster Black Diamond Ring
    From £1,567.00
  5. Anoki 18ct Diamond Cluster Ring
    From £4,546.00
  6. Akira Designer Engagement Ring
    From £1,880.00
  7. Three Stone Cluster Ring
    From £2,060.00
  8. Anoki Diamond Cluster Ring
    From £3,068.00
  9. Akira Disco Ball Diamond Ring
    From £996.00
  10. Fancy Diamond Cluster Ring
    From £1,533.00
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Cluster Rings

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  • Cluster Rings

    Cluster rings are simply rings that encompass more than one diamond or gemstone. They come in a wide range of varieties, for example the halo ring, a cluster ring utilising a simple band or a cluster ring with a diamond-encrusted...