Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Why Choose Sapphire Engagement Rings?
Sapphire engagement rings are popular amongst many, especially royalty and celebrities. When we think of sapphire engagement rings, we imagine a beautiful blue precious stone. Still, surprisingly, sapphires come in a range of different colours, including blue, purple, pink and many more.

At Diamond Boutique, our gemstones are priced in three categories depending upon the quality of the stone, very good, excellent and superior. Our very good sapphire engagement rings will feature a sapphire from Thailand, our excellent sapphire engagement rings feature a sapphire sourced from Sri Lanka, and our superior quality sapphire engagement rings will feature stones sourced from Myanmar (Burma). The sapphire achieves 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, making it a powerful, durable stone that can withstand wear and tear. Sapphires can contain inclusions, but they generally have better clarity than rubies. Sapphires without inclusions are very rare and extremely valuable. Consider our sapphire engagement rings UK for your bride to be!

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  1. Clara Diamond & Blue Sapphire Ring
    From $3,834.48
  2. Kashmir Blue Sapphire Ring
    From $3,632.54
  3. Octagon Sapphire Ring
    From $1,942.33
  4. Royal Blue Sapphire Ring
    From $3,369.40
  5. Sapphire Royal Blue Pear Ring
    From $1,278.98
  6. Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring
    From $3,768.39
  7. Floral Blue Sapphire Ring
    From $845.71
  8. Aurora Blue Sapphire Ring
    From $1,735.49
  9. Rococo Blue Sapphire Ring
    From $3,163.78
  10. Starlight Blue Sapphire Ring
    From $1,244.71
  11. Rani Blue Sapphire Ring
    From $1,381.78
  12. Milgrain Blue Sapphire Ring
    From $2,180.99
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Sapphire Engagement Rings

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