Certification and Reports

Certification and Reports - FAQs

  1. Does your jewellery come with any authenticity reports?

    All our items are supplied with the Diamond Boutique Authenticity Report. This is a report which confirms the authenticity of the item and it can also be used for insurance purposes. We also provide Gemological Institute of America (GIA) reports with all of our diamond engagement rings and loose stones. A selection of our coloured stone jewellery also come with a report from GemResearch SwissLab (GRS).

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  2. Are your gemstones treated?

    The only treatment we accept as a company is heat treatment. Coloured stones are commonly heat treated to bring out the intense colour of the stone. For example, many sapphire stones are treated in this way.

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  3. What is the Diamond Boutique Authenticity Report?

    The Diamond Boutique Authenticity Report is a report which confirms the authenticity of the item you have purchased. This report also includes the appraisal value of the item(s) purchased, and therefore can be used for insurance purposes. 

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  4. I have lost my Authenticity Report; can I still get a refund?

    If the Diamond Boutique Authenticity Report is not returned to us, we will charge a replacement fee of £25. The fee of £25 will be deducted from the total amount before processing the refund.

    If the GIA certificate is lost we will charge you a replacement fee of £150. This is because we will either have to request a replacement card or send the stone off to America to get graded again. It is therefore very important that all reports are looked after with great care.

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