Hallmarking - FAQs

  1. Are all of your items hallmarked?

    All of our items are hallmarked in accordance with UK law. Please refer to the Silver Sample section in regards to hallmarks for silver products. It is natural for a laser hallmark to fade over time. If the hallmark on your jewellery fades, we can arrange for a new hallmark to be applied for a fee of £35.

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  2. Where do you get your items hallmarked?

    We use the London Assay Office for our hallmarking services.

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  3. What is Platinum 950?

    Platinum 950 is a term that denotes the purity of the metal. For example, the 950 in Platinum 950 confirms that 95% pure platinum has been used with a 5% mix of alloys.

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  4. What do the hallmarks 750 and 325 mean?

    The hallmark 750 means that the item is 18 carat gold and 375 means that it is 9 carat gold. If you see 916 or 585 then the gold is 22 or 14 carat respectively.

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  5. How long does it take?

    The standard hallmarking service typically takes around 5 working days. We can use priority services (1 hour, Same Day and Early Hall) however an additional charge of £72 will apply.

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  6. Can I see the process of hallmarking taking place?

    We can arrange tours in certain circumstances. Please contact a member of our team if you are interested.

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