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  1. I like a piece of jewellery on your site but would you make a small change for me?
    As we design and manufacture all of our own products, we can make small changes to the design for you at no extra charge. Depending on the change however, the product may be considered Bespoke and non-returnable.
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  2. Will the silver sample be identical to the actual product?

    Please note that samples are intended to provide you with a close representation of the piece and may not be 100% identical to the final item. 

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  3. Does the 5-year warranty apply to silver samples?

    Yes, the 5-year warranty does apply to silver samples. The warranty commences from the date the item is received.

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  4. Can I engrave my silver sample?

    Yes, we offer a free laser engraving service on all purchases. The fonts available are Ariel, Times New Roman and Palace Script. Please note that after an item is engraved, it is considered bespoke. Bespoke items are non-returnable.

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  5. Why is there no hallmark on my silver sample?

    Silver articles that weigh 7.78 grams or under are exempt from hallmarking under the Hallmarking Act 1973. If you are still concerned please contact us on [email protected] and we will assist you further.

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  6. Can I resize a silver sample?

    Yes we can resize a silver sample, this is subject to flat fee of £50.

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  7. If I order a silver sample, do I have to order the real product?

    No, there is no commitment required. If you are unhappy with the silver sample or no longer want to go ahead with the purchase, simply send the silver sample back to us for a full refund. A refund will only be issued if the sample is unworn and still in a saleable condition.

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  8. How do you imitate coloured gemstones on a silver sample?

    If your chosen ring design features precious coloured stones we will imitate the size, cut and colour using AAA Cubic Zirconia stones. Please note, while we will try our best to imitate the coloured gemstones there are chances of minor differences to actual stones.

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