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Coloured Gemstone Rings

The fascinating world of Coloured Gemstone Rings is at your fingertips here at Diamond Boutique. An incredible collection of natural gemstones boasting outstanding colour and character have been handpicked for their breathtaking beauty and crafted into jewellery designed to last a lifetime. Explore our collection of coloured gem rings and discover vintage-inspired emerald rings next to curious pink sapphires and rare peridot rings in both gold and platinum settings. You are practically spoilt for choice with our coloured gemstone rings collections.

Are you looking for a truly unique gemstone ring? You can customise your ideal jewellery with us, selecting your own setting, stones and design for coloured gemstone rings as unique as the person wearing them....Read More

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  1. Blue Sapphire Floral Ring
    From £683.00
  2. Blue Topaz Octagon Ring
    From £715.00
  3. Sapphire Royal Blue Pear Ring
    From £933.00
  4. Aurora Blue Sapphire Ring
    From £1,266.00
  5. Paragon Emerald Ring
    From £1,492.00
  6. Paragon Tanzanite Ring
    From £1,408.00
  7. Vintage Tanzanite Ring
    From £867.00
  8. Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring
    From £651.00
  9. Amethyst Trillion Gold Ring
    From £870.00
  10. Cushion Amethyst Ring
    From £1,238.00
  11. Lotus Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring
    From £679.00
  12. Blue Topaz Designer Gold Ring
    From £1,329.00
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Gemstone Rings

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