Blue Sapphire Rings

Blue Sapphire Rings with Diamond and Gold – Why are they so special?

The blue sapphire is a stunning, deeply-coloured gemstone and its uses can be traced back to ancient Persia. A stunning addition to any jewellery collection, the sublime, blue sapphire and diamond rings at Diamond Boutique make an incredible gift for that special occasion. Take a look at our collection of diamond and blue sapphire rings for your partner today!

The blue sapphire is arguably the rarest precious gemstone after the diamond. The sapphire is available in a large variety of colours. There are blue sapphires and red sapphires which are called rubies. Any sapphire that isn’t blue is known as a fancy coloured sapphire and these include fancy pink, orange, yellow, purple and green as well as others. There is a sapphire colour for everyone!

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  1. Clara Diamond & Blue Sapphire Ring
    From £3,133.00
  2. Bleu Sapphire Ring
    From £3,974.00
  3. Muses Blue Sapphire Ring
    From £1,848.00
  4. Leo Blue Sapphire Ring
    From £691.00
  5. Blue Sapphire Floral Ring
    From £765.00
  6. Kashmir Blue Sapphire Ring
    From £2,968.00
  7. Octagon Sapphire Ring
    From £1,587.00
  8. Royal Blue Sapphire Ring
    From £2,753.00
  9. Allure Blue Sapphire Ring
    From £1,175.00
  10. Blue Sapphire Halo Ring Oval
    From £1,493.00
  11. Sapphire Royal Blue Pear Ring
    From £1,045.00
  12. Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring
    From £3,079.00
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Blue Sapphire Rings

Blue Sapphire Rings with Diamond and Gold

However, the blue sapphire ring UK is the most popular choice of sapphire amongst consumers. It is often paired with sparkly diamonds, which creates a beautiful colour contrast to perfectly captivate the eye. And unsurprisingly, the blue sapphire is a common choice for an engagement ring, wedding band, eternity band and other jewellery items.Read More

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