Blue Topaz Rings

Blue Topaz Rings

It’s hard to miss our blue topaz rings and jewellery collection because this beautiful light blue colour is mesmerising! Blue Topaz is found in variety of different colours including sky blue to a more dark inky hue of blue. Choose blue topaz rings that suit your colour preference and style!

Interestingly, topaz is a silicate mineral of fluorine and aluminium. It is found in abundance in many colours including blue, green, yellow, red, pink and purple; all of these colour options offering something different to the wearer. Naturally formed blue topaz is extremely rare. Instead, colourless topaz is often treated to change it from its colourless form to a beautiful and beguiling blue hue. Changing colourless topaz to blue topaz is fairly easy to do and inexpensive, making it readily available and the perfect choice for a blue gemstone within a budget. It achieves an 8 on the Mohs scale making it a durable and wearable gemstone to choose for all different types of jewellery.

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  1. Blue Topaz Diamond Pear Ring
    From $1,067.24
  2. Blue Topaz & Diamond Halo Ring
    From $1,232.47
  3. Allure Blue Topaz Ring
    From $1,232.47
  4. Blue Topaz 3 Stone Ring
    From $980.34
  5. Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring
    From $892.22
  6. Vintage Blue Topaz Ring
    From $1,006.05
  7. Everest Blue Topaz White Gold Ring
    From $1,972.93
  8. Blue Topaz Vintage Birth Ring
    From $943.63
  9. Blue Topaz Vintage Ring
    From $1,482.14
  10. Blue Topaz Birthstone Ring
    From $714.76
  11. Blue Topaz Engagement Ring
    From $1,357.31
  12. Rani Blue Topaz & Diamond Gold Ring
    From $1,143.12
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Blue Topaz Rings

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