Citrine Rings

Citrine Engagement Stone Ring

The citrine is a yellow coloured variety of quartz that is becoming more and more popular as the centrepiece for a range of jewellery pieces. Citrine ranges from yellow to a medium deep shade of golden but can also be yellow, greenish yellow, brownish yellow or orange. There’s a shade of citrine for everyone! Interestingly, it gets its yellow colour from the iron in the quartz.

The colour of the citrine gemstone has an enormous impact on the price of the stone. Stones with a faint colour are common and thus inexpensive. Stones with a rich evenly distributed colour are more rare and thus significantly more valuable. The most highly sought after citrine colours in today’s market are clear, radiant yellow to brownish red in colour, but of course these stones are exceptionally rare and extremely expensive. Choose Diamond Boutique to find a perfect citrine stone for you!

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  1. Citrine & Diamond Cluster Ring
    From £1,292.00
  2. Citrine & Diamond Vintage Ring
    From £1,109.00
  3. Citrine Vintage Birthstone Ring
    From £771.00
  4. Citrine & Diamond Halo Ring
    From £1,007.00
  5. Citrine & Diamond Octagon Ring
    From £801.00
  6. Citrine 3 Stone White Gold Ring
    From £801.00
  7. Rani Citrine & Diamond Gold Ring
    From £934.00
  8. Lotus Citrine & Diamond Gold Ring
    From £771.00
  9. Mira Citrine & Diamond Gold Ring
    From £1,047.00
  10. Allure Citrine Ring In White Gold
    From £1,007.00
  11. Citrine & Diamond Ring In White Gold
    From £1,642.00
  12. Aya Citrine & Diamond Gold Ring
    From £729.00
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Citrine Rings

Citrine Engagement Stone Ring

Below are some facts about the citrine:

  • Its name comes from the Old French word for lemon.
  • Citrine rings UK are said to have healing powers; the gemstone of choice for calming, soothing and comforting.
  • Although others suggest it captures the imagination, encourages fresh beginnings and prosperity.
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