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Exceptionally beautiful whilst remaining perfectly affordable, our moissanite rings and moissanite jewellery designs here at Diamond Boutique are the perfect addition to any jewellery collection. A gemstone originally "born from the stars," this gorgeous stone was first discovered by the French chemist Henri Moissan back in 1893, whilst examining rock samples from the crater of a meteor.

The moissanite is a clear gemstone originally found in craters from meteors that is easily mistaken for diamonds. It is a cheaper and more accessible alternative to the diamond. Moissanite rings London could be the perfect choice for your bride to be Moissanite engagement rings UK have a comparable sparkle as diamond engagement rings for a fraction of the price! So a great option for a stunning engagement ring at an affordable price.

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  1. Aiko Moissanite Ring
    From £3,650.00
  2. Kashmir Moissanite Ring
    From £2,442.00
  3. Octagon Moissanite Ring
    From £1,775.00
  4. Paragon Moissanite Ring
    From £1,882.00
  5. Moissanite Halo Ring
    From £1,791.00
  6. Round Moissanite Ring
    From £1,679.00
  7. Moissanite Royal Pear Ring
    From £1,478.00
  8. Shiva Moissanite Ring
    From £2,698.00
  9. Aanya Moissanite Ring
    From £2,978.00
  10. Moissanite Floral Ring
    From £1,708.00
  11. Amor Moissanite 3 Stone Ring
    From £1,658.00
  12. Arya Moissanite Ring
    From £3,023.00
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Moissanite Rings

Moissanite Yellow and White Gold Engagement Rings

When we think about moissanite wedding rings, we think of dramatic rings with elegance and style. They are available in both yellow gold and white gold and both options make stunning rings.

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    A cheaper alternative to Diamond, the Moissanite gemstone is a clear, elegant stone that is sure to add a touch of class to your jewellery. History of The Moissanite Gemstone The Moissanite gemstone was discovered in 1893 by Henri Moissan...

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