Peridot Rings

Peridot Rings

The peridot is an olive green gemstone that is becoming more and more popular as the centrepiece for a peridot gold ring. Peridots are part of the olivine family and are rich in magnesium; however, they get their rich green colour from the iron that they contain. It is found in meteorites, lava and within the Earth’s mantle. Peridots are found all over the world, but the best quality stones usually come from China, Myanmar, Pakistan and Egypt. Because the peridot can be found in abundance around the world, it can be sourced at very affordable prices. However, the best stones are found in the best green hues and with the highest brilliance and eye clean with regards to inclusions. These are the types of peridot we source here at Diamond Boutique...Read More

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  1. Peridot Vintage Birthstone Ring
    From £688.00
  2. Peridot & Diamond Vintage Ring
    From £990.00
  3. Peridot & Diamond Pear Ring
    From £688.00
  4. Peridot & Diamond Octagon Ring
    From £715.00
  5. Allure Peridot & Diamond Ring
    From £899.00
  6. Rani Peridot & Diamond Ring
    From £834.00
  7. Aiko Peridot & Diamond Ring
    From £1,971.00
  8. Paragon Peridot & Diamond Ring
    From £990.00
  9. Aya Peridot & Diamond Gold Ring
    From £651.00
  10. Peridot Cushion Engagement Ring
    From £1,320.00
  11. Peridot & Diamond White Gold Ring
    From £651.00
  12. Starlight Peridot Gold Ring
    From £843.00
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Peridot Rings

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