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White Sapphire Rings

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  • White Gold Engagement Rings

    When you want to 'pop the question', the ring you choose says a lot. There are literally thousands of options, each of which are perfect for one lucky person. So how do you start to wade through the sometimes overwhelming...

  • Inside the Design: Holly Willoughby’s Ruby Ring & White Gold Cufflinks

    Above: Holly Willoughby with our founder, Pritesh Vegad.   It’s never a quiet day at Diamond Boutique! As such, we recently had the absolute pleasure of meeting with none other than television presenter, author, M&S ambassador and all-round ray of...

  • White Gold

    Modern, classic and elegant, white gold is relatively a new comer to the jewellery industry, dating back to the 1920s but one which has become increasingly popular since the 1990s. People often assume that white gold is naturally white however...