On this page, you’ll find information for both customers needing help replacing an item of jewellery and for insurance providers working with their clients to replace items of jewellery that have been lost or stolen.

If you’re a customer …

Have you lost an important piece of jewellery? Or had a ring, pendant, earrings or bracelet stolen? Do you need to create a replacement piece of jewellery? If you are in this unthinkable situation and need help to recreate a piece of jewellery that is very important to you, then Diamond Boutique can help.

If your item has been stolen you will need to contact the police as soon as possible and get a crime number and then contact your insurance provider giving them that number. If your item has been lost, then you will need to contact your insurance to let them know. Most insurers are willing to let you choose your preferred jeweller and once you have contacted them and let them know we will be working with you, we can work together to recreate your special piece of jewellery.

Simply contact us via the form to start the process of recreating your item of jewellery. You will need to give us as much information as possible about the ring or other item and attach pictures of it if possible. We’ll need to know the finger size, measurements of rings, earrings or pendants (rough estimates if exact is not known), what metal it is made from and what stones it contains. If it has any certificates we may need to see these too.

Once we hear from you, we can then get on with the process of creating a replica design for your approval and then can make your piece for you. You will be given a free sketch initially for your approval and then we will create a free 3D CAD Model for you. If you are happy with this, then we will start bringing the design to life. If the design isn’t quite right, then we can make changes until you are completely satisfied.

At Diamond Boutique, we can ensure that you are reunited with a replacement for your lost or stolen item of jewellery quickly and easily. Contact us today by calling 0203 6959885 or submit the insurance form.

If you’re an insurance provider …

If you’re looking for a company who can design and create bespoke jewellery designs for your clients to replace their lost or stolen jewellery, we can provide this service for you. Simply give us call on 0203 6959885 or complete the insurance form.

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