Amethyst Earrings

Earrings type
  1. Drop (6)
  2. Stud (7)
  1. AmethystAmethyst (10)
  2. Pearl (3)
Gemstone Shape
  1. Round BrilliantRound Brilliant (4)
  2. PearPear (2)
  3. OvalOval (2)
  4. Emerald (1)
  5. CushionCushion (1)
Diamond Shape
  1. Round Brilliant (6)
  1. £500.00 - £999.99 (10)
  2. £1,000.00 - £1,499.99 (1)
  3. £1,500.00 - £2,999.99 (2)
Amethyst Earrings category image

Amethyst, believed to bring the wearer serenity and wealth, is the birthstone for the astrological sign of Pisces. The Ancient Greeks prized Amethyst for its ability to protect the wearer from drunkenness, while medieval European soldiers wore it into battle for its healing and protective properties. These noble associations perfectly match the elegance and sophistication of our Amethyst earrings.

Amethyst’s gentle purple hues are particularly beautiful when paired with diamond and set in platinum or white gold. Whether you’re looking for amethyst and diamond drop earrings or amethyst stud earrings set in white gold or yellow gold, we think you will be delighted by the choice of stunning amethyst earrings we offer.

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