Citrine Earrings

Citrine Earrings

Citrine is associated with meanings and associations as vibrant as its colour. Ancient cultures called Citrine ‘the stone of the mind’ and believed it would increase the psychic power of their elders, while it has long been known as the ‘Merchant’s Stone’ as it is believed to attract money, increase self-esteem and protect the wearer from negative energy. It’s the gemstone that represents the 13th wedding anniversary and is one of the birthstones for November.

Many people associate Citrine with love and joy for the owner, and who can doubt it when you see our gorgeous Citrine Earrings? The classic 9ct white gold natural solitaire citrine earrings whisper of fun-filled summer afternoons and long, warm evenings, while the citrus shades of our multi-gem drop earrings featuring citrine and peridot are ideal for a summer function or to brighten up a winter event.

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  1. Multi-Gem Drop Earrings
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  2. Classic 18ct White Gold Natural Solitaire Citrine Earrings
    From £951.00
  3. Classic 9ct White Gold Natural Solitaire Citrine Earrings
    From £738.00
  4. Modern Citrine Drop Earrings
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Citrine Earrings

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