Garnet Earrings

Garnet Earrings

Garnet comes in several varieties, from deep green, dazzling yellow and intense shades of red. Garnet supposedly brings the wearer vitality and good health while at the same time increasing one’s self confidence. Garnet is the gemstone representing the second wedding anniversary and is the birthstone for January.

We love the understated elegance of the Classic 18ct White Gold Natural Solitaire Garnet Earrings featuring stunning 1.2ct natural garnets in a four-claw setting. The same beautiful design is available in 9ct white gold, 9ct yellow gold or 18ct yellow gold. These garnet earrings will make a treasured, wearable gift that will never go out of fashion.

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  1. Classic 9ct White Gold Natural Solitaire Garnet Earrings
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  2. Classic 18ct White Gold Natural Solitaire Garnet Earrings
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  3. Pear Shape Garnet Stud Earrings
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Garnet Earrings

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    Garnet, the gorgeous birthstone of January is available in a rainbow of colours, from the deep red Bohemian Garnet to the vibrant greens of the African Tsavorite. To commemorate this month’s birthstone, we’ve put together a simple guide on understanding...

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