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Ruby Pendants

News, designs, interviews, and inspiration from around the world

  • Ruby Wedding Rings

    As the world moves further from the traditional, there really is no need to stick to the classic diamond wedding ring. Our collection of ruby wedding rings offers an opportunity to find something truly unique. Rubies being used in jewellery...

  • Inside the Design: Holly Willoughby’s Ruby Ring & White Gold Cufflinks

    Above: Holly Willoughby with our founder, Pritesh Vegad.   It’s never a quiet day at Diamond Boutique! As such, we recently had the absolute pleasure of meeting with none other than television presenter, author, M&S ambassador and all-round ray of...

  • Fire & Ice: Our Top 5 Ruby and Diamond Engagement Rings

    Choosing the right engagement ring is never an easy task, but if you are looking for a ring as vibrant, passionate, and beautiful as the woman you love, a Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring could be exactly what you are...