Why Choose Lab Grown Diamonds?

Considering lab grown diamonds for your purchase? This can be a great choice for any piece of jewellery for number of reasons. Lab grown diamonds are increasing in popularity; they’re considerably cheaper than natural diamonds and they are a really environmentally friendly option.

Lab grown diamonds are identical to naturally formed diamonds in their aesthetics and their chemical make-up, however, the only difference is that one is found naturally occurring in the ground and the other is created by humans in a laboratory. To the naked eye, no one will be able to distinguish between your lab grown diamond on your finger and someone else’s naturally formed diamond in their ring, but the price difference can be phenomenal.

If you choose a lab grown diamond for your ring or item of jewellery, you can potentially choose a larger stone for your budget. Or meet your budget requirements for a specific design if naturally found diamonds make it too expensive. Contact us today to find out more.