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Our Workshop

Take a look inside our workshop and learn how
we create timeless pieces of bespoke jewellery.
Each ring is expertly made using the finest
materials, gemstones and diamonds.

Your journey Feel inspired Create a design
The Wax Model
Once the CAD design is finalised we create a 3D print of the ring in resin, which subsequently is used for loss wax casting.
image of a wax ring
Casting a ring
The Rough Casting
This is where the magic begins. Our master goldsmith will begin the process of cleaning the rough casting, removing any unnecessary residue. Once the piece is cleaned it is ready to be finished by hand.
The Stone Setting
Following the cleaning process, the precious stones are set into the mounting by hand. This process is carried out by our expert setter and takes time to complete to ensure each stone in the piece of jewellery is perfectly set.
Setting the stone on a ring
Polishing a ring
The Polishing & The Finishing
The last step in the jewellery making process is polishing and finishing. The polishing is a multi-stage process, whereby the metal is buffed by hand and machine to achieve a high polish finish.
The Quality Check
We take the quality check process very seriously and our dedicated quality team is responsible for ensuring the piece is finished to a high standard. All aspects of the ring are checked including the metal appearance, quality of the diamonds and gemstones, the stone setting, and overall finish of the ring. Only when we are 100% happy with the piece it is sent to you.
Checking the quality of a ring

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