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  1. Paragon Tanzanite Ring
    From £1,408.00
  2. Vintage Tanzanite Ring
    From £867.00
  3. Classic 9ct White Gold Natural Solitaire Tanzanite Earrings
    From £809.00
  4. Classic 18ct White Gold Natural Solitaire Tanzanite Earrings
    From £900.00 Regular Price £989.00
  5. Tanzanite Emerald Gold Ring
    From £1,924.00
  6. Tanzanite Octagon Ring
    From £791.00
  7. Rani Tanzanite Ring
    From £983.00
  8. Everest Tanzanite Ring
    From £1,792.00
  9. Tanzanite Engagement Ring
    From £1,083.00
  10. Arya Tanzanite & Diamond Ring
    From £2,133.00
  11. Tanzanite Halo Ring
    From £908.00
  12. Allure Tanzanite Ring
    From £999.00
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  • A Guide To The Perfect Tanzanite Ring

    A stunning blue stone discovered in the heart of Tanzania, the Tanzanite gemstone adds a unique beauty to the jewellery it is placed upon. Its deep, rich colour profile makes it a favourite among those looking for something special to...

  • The Tale of Tanzanite - Africa’s Greatest Treasure

    Extracted from the foothills of Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzanite is an exquisite blue-violet gemstone that is more than 1000 times rarer than diamonds. Used to create sophisticated Tanzanite engagement rings and eternity rings, it has gone on to...

  • Tanzanite

    Found in only one location on the planet, Tanzanite is an exclusive coloured gemstone mined from Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The “multi-dimensional’ qualities of Tanzanite jewellery produce a unique shimmering hue that makes it a popular gemstone in engagement and...